High-volume Personalized Printing

From customized coupons to direct mail, we deliver one-to-one marketing communications that build baskets and bring customers back for more.

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Personalized Printing at the Speed of Retail

Our high-speed digital printing technology is ideally suited for retailers who want to retain their best customers—and acquire new ones—with personalized offers based on consumer insights data. For retailers that do not have loyalty programs or pre-existing data, our predictive analytics service can help you. Our service can predict loyalty, risk, value, and product purchasing behaviors of your customers so you can more effectively target them.

For retailers that need easily implemented pre-packaged programs, we offer the following options:

  • Store Opening/Remodel
  • Competitive Opening
  • New Mover
  • Affinity Clubs (Baby, Birthday, etc.)
  • Lost or Declining Shopper

To learn more about these programs, download our PDF brochure.

Mike Donohue


Mike's extensive experience in print includes leadership and sales of print, fulfillment and distribution for managed care customers, financial customers, and a variety of other customer types. His background also includes technology and understanding how technology can help drive print. He and his team will determine how to help you build bigger baskets using technology.


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